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Cruise Land Services has become an essential part of what we do. We play to our strengths – shore excursions, pre/post tours, turnaround services – and never promise services we cannot deliver.


Shore Excursions

We offer full-fledged shore excursion programs for cruise participants for detailed and indepth exploration of the selected destination.


Full service provided for all guests including support for requested transfers, accommodation needs and departure assistance at the airport.

Pre & Post Programs

Individually designed, exciting packages for personal extensions of designated group tours before and after the cruise trip.

Private Arrangements

We offer tailor-made arrangements for individual cruise travellers including private vehicles and exclusive guides for city tours.

Special Events

Special packages, itineraries and ‘off-the-beaten-track’ programs for those who prefer some more exclusivity.


Partnership with “green” transportation & catering suppliers. Recyclable material for meals on the go and donation of leftovers.

We work with the best suppliers on the ground.
Always getting the top deals for you!

44 Sea Cruise Ports.
11 Rivers.
10 Countries.
1 Spirit.

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